Sunday, August 11, 2013

Finally Hoyas

Wow, it's been quite a while since I highlighted any of my Hoyas.  Overall, the Hoyas didn't take the move as well as the orchids, but they seemed to have settled in now.

I'm going to combine three different ones in this post, I don't know if there are closely related, or even in the same Section, but to me they are pretty similar.  They are all relatively smalled leaved, small but easily flowering, and are not climbers. 

Starting with Hoya obscura, from one of the first trades I ever did with Hoyas.  I typically grow this one in pretty high light, which gives a beautiful red shade to the leaves.  Since we moved though I've kept it a bit shaded which it recovered, so in the picture below, the plant is not as red as it usually is.  As for watering, I water well and often, but allow it to almost completely dry out in between waterings.  It is growing in a 4 inch pot, in a Turface/perlite mix.  Flowers often all summer long.

And Hoya lacunosa, this is one of two different clones I have.  And unfortunately for both of them I left the big pots when I moved, there just wasn't room for them.  I had started cuttings of each of them in the last year, so these smaller ones came with me.  Here I'm showing a speckled leaf one, it probably has a clonal name, but as I got it at a big box store, I'm not positive which one it is. Grown shaded, moist and warm, it is potted in Turface/perlite mix. Although the flowers are tiny, it also blooms all summer long, and has the strongest fragrance, that to me smells just like carnations.
And the last one for this post is Hoya memoria, beautiful leaves, tiny but very brightly colored flowers.  I have this growing two ways, in S/H and potted in Turface/perlite.  Both growing well.  Also, I have a seed pod developing on this plant, when the pod is ready, I'll plant the seeds, see if they take.  No idea if it is a selfing, or the pollen came from lacunosa which is right beside it.  Grown moist, shaded and warm.

Hope you enjoy!


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