Sunday, July 28, 2013

Angraceum scottianum

I've always loved white flowers, so you would think I would have at least a few Angraecums right?  Well, I used to.  About 5 years ago, I had at least 15 different Angraecums and Aerangis. Well, it wasn't a story with a happy ending. 

One summer, I was having a pretty bad slug and snail problem.  This was back when I lived in North Carolina.  After trying bait, diatomaecous earth, beer, coffee grounds and who knows what else (none of which worked), I desparately tried a home remedy concoction. Do I even need to finish this story?

Well the concoction seemed like it killed baby slugs, but adult ones - no effect. I swear I could see them laughing at me :)  But what it did do was remove the waxy protective coating off of 90% of my monopodials (no effect on the sympodials??), which all pretty much died within a couple weeks. You could actually see the difference in the leaves.  The only ones that survived were 4 Vandas and 1 Aerangis.  That is it.

Since then, I've only acquired one Angraecum - scottianum - as a very very small seedling.  It actually has grown well for me, and just finally bloomed for the first time.  I might have to start acquiring more again.  2 open flowers and 2 more buds on what is still a very small plant.  I can't wait for it to grow up.


Saturday, July 27, 2013

More Dendrobiums

Well, it has been quite a while since my last post, 3 months.  During this time, we have moved from the panhandle of Florida down to SW Florida. So, it is time to learn a whole new microclimate again.  For the most part, the Hoyas and orchids survived, so far no casualties, but the Hoyas are just starting to recover from their sulking.  The orchids handled it much better, although quite a few spikes were damaged.

Also, during this time, I wasn't able to get pictures of many of them that bloomed, but here are some I managed to get.

Dendrobium tortile - I grow this one hanging right beside D. nobile, so the exact same culture.  Cool to hot, plenty of water and fertilizer while growing, and almost none when not.  This is my first bloom, and it looks like the first bloom for the plant.  A couple years from now, this should be a relatively big plant.

The color in the pictures are a bit off, it is more pink, less lavender.  This bloomed back in May.

Dendrobium griffithianum - from Section Callista, one of my favorites of that section.  I've had this plant for at least 5 years now, had divided it at one point.  The main potted piece eventually died, but the section I mounted is doing well.  Grown in typicall Callista Dendrobium culture.

And the third for today, Dendrobium delacourii.  The pictures do not do this one justice, the lip is extremely intricate.  Although not the first blooming for the plant, it is the first time I've bloomed it.  I have only had this for almost a year, but did keep it warm, and some watering through last winter.

Over the next day or two, hopefully I'll get caught up with the few other flowering plants I did manage to get.
Hope you enjoy!