Saturday, September 8, 2012

Hoya carnosa complex

I really have no idea whether these following plants are all closely related, but they look like it, so I'll put them all here in one post.  Also, I pretty much grow all these under the same conditions, except for one - fungii.  Most of them get very bright light, allowed to dry completely between waterings, and left outside in the winter down to freezing temperatures. Fungii though is kept shaded, and more even waterings, although I do let it stay outside with the rest in winter.

Since fungii requires different culture, I'll start with it.

Hoya fungii

Hoya fungii by renee_nmp
Hoya carnosa - regular

Hoya dasyantha

Hoya Ban Nong Noy

And Hoya rubra

Hoya cagayanensis

I received a cutting of this plant going on three years ago.  It has grown very quickly in that time, but it never bloomed.  This summer I put it outside in a little more light.  Whether it needed that extra light, or it was just finally ready to bloom?  But I'll keep it in the extra light from now on just in case.  This is one I do bring inside in the winter, and due to its height, it doesn't get much sun during the winter.  So I keep it a little dryer during that time.  In the spring/summer/fall though while it is outside, I do try to keep it a little moist.  It is currently growing in a fine orchid bark mix, when it is due to be repotted, it will be switched over to my Turface/Perlite mix.

I also started a cutting in S/H and it is growing well, hasn't bloomed yet.  As for rooting cuttings, cagayanensis is one of the easiest for me.  Just stick the cut end in S/H rooting set up and within a week, it has little nubs starting.  One thing to point out is the leaves on this plant are very different.  They are shimmery, it is hard to catch that in the photos, but in person, they are very intriguing.