Sunday, December 28, 2014

Autumn blooms

Well it's almost Happy New Year!  And I've not posted in a while again, so just a quick update on a few orchids that bloomed this past fall.

I'll start with two Paphs.

Paphiopedilum fairrieanum, first bloom.  The shape could improve a bit, but considering my history with Paphs, I'm still pretty happy about it.

And Paph spicerianum bloomed again this year for me.  I love this one, nice compact plant, shorter spike, and really attractive bloom.

Now, a different type.  Maxillaria splendens.  I bought this one a year ago at the Sarasota Orchid Society show, it has been putting out flowers for a few weeks now, and is just finishing up.  Of course it couldn't wait for the orchid show that is next week.  I found last winter, this plant was temperature sensitive, so I do have to bring it in during the colder months.  It is a larger plant, currently in an 8" pot, kept evenly moist, and shaded light.  But the fragrance is spectacular!

Now a couple Catasetums that bloomed late fall this year.  The first is Catasetum sanguineum, which I've discussed before.  It gave me 13 flowers on this last spike of the year.
And a close-up of one flower.  This plant has a very nice dark lip.

Catasetum callosum, this is a first time bloom for me, it gave two spikes, with 14 and 16 flowers on them.

Hope you enjoy!

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